With the population of India growing at a fast pace family planning is not only an option that is to be implemented both at micro and macro levels. With people becoming more aware and literate, they have started to look into the family planning options as per the needs and requirements. At Matritva Clinic, Greater Noida Dr Radha Agartaniya sees so many couple who look forward for effective contraceptive or family planning solutions both for long and short term. Greater Noida being another corporate hub after Gurgaon most of the people are living in nuclear family and are working with MNC's. An effective contraceptive solution that should help them in planning their career and family is the need of the hour.


Contraception means deliberate prevention of pregnancy. Contraception can be either through barrier method or through hormonal method. Barrier methods work by preventing the sperm from reaching female's egg. Hormonal contraception method work by preventing ovulation.

At Matritva Clinic in Greater Noida, Dr Radha Agartaniya during her consultation try and understand the requirements of the couple before suggesting them the best contaceptive solution to them. Barrier methods of contraception include condoms, diaphragms and cervical caps. Whereas the hormonal methods include birth control pills, intra uterine device like copper T and Mirena Ring.


Apart from medical methods of contraception there ares urgical techniques as well that can be done to prevent pregnancy. These are looked at from the long term view. Mostly these methods are used once the family is complete or couple wants to give a gap in next child. These are available for both males and females. For males a vasectomy surgery can be done by a urologist whereas in females Dr Radha Agartaniya would perform a tubal ligation surgery. The surgery is done laparoscopically and it involves sealing of the fallopian tubes so that the eggs cannot travel to uterus where they are fertilized by the sperm. This is also termed as permanent contraceptive solution.