Pregnancy is a feeling that every women longs for. It is a feeling that brings lot of changes in a female's life. From hormones to body everything undergoes changes. These nine months are very special and needs proper care and nurturing. The care not only means medical care but support, love and care of the family including husband. For clinical care a good gynaecologist who is well trained in dealing with all kinds of delivery is a blessing. Dr Radha at Matritva Clinic in Greater Noida has more than 22 years of experience as gynaecologist. A complete pregancy tenure is of 36-39 weeks and during this tenure an expecting mother undergoes 4 important ultrasounds apart from regular ultrasounds to check for the well being of mother and child before the delivery happens.


There has been lot of hue and cry about normal and caesaren delivery. The myth is that gynaecologist prefer caesarean delivery over normal delivery, which is not true. There is no advantage for a gynaecologist to perform a caesarean delivery instead of a normal delivery because the additional cost of the caesarean package is attributed to cost of extra stay, OT consumables and anaesthesia only. Normal delivery is when the baby is born through vaginal canal without any cut in abdomen. For a normal delivery your gynaecologist would prepare and counsel you from the day one. You will be given a proper diet and exercise chart. Dr Radha feels that the best chance of a female to have a normal delivery is when she is active throughout the nine months of pregnancy.


As mentioned earlier Dr Radha has a strong belief in normal delivery and most of her patients are counselled by her for the best chances of having a normal delivery. Dr Radha has been a strong proponent of normal delivery through out her career. The best part of Dr Radha Agartaniya is that she is just a call or message away for all her patients in case of emergency. She would be the one to reach the hospital before the patient even in the odd hours in the night so that everything is well taken care of by her very efficient team. Dr Radha is one of the best gynaecologist in Greater Noida if you are actually looking to go for normal delivery. One thing is sure that in case the gynaecologist goes for the caesarean delivery instead of normal then it would be the best for mother and child both and would be due to some unavoidable medical reason only.