Menstrual cycle or periods as normally called is a natural phenomenon where every month the endometrium sheds in absence of pregnancy and causes bleeding. Many females go through the menstrual cycle or periods in a very routine and normal manner. However there are females who face lot of psychological as well as physical problems like bloating, pain, heavy bleeding or in some cases no bleeding. Any such condition is termed as mentsrual disorder.

Menstrual problems could be having no periods for consecutively 3 months which is called amanorrhea. Having painful and frequent periods or menses is called dysmanorrhea. The most common type of menstrual disorder is when the periods are heavy and long which tend to affect your daily routine. This condition is called menorrhagia.


Menstrual disorder or irregular periods can be due to various reasons that may include hormonal problems, medical conditions or some mass in the uterus or ovaries. The most important reason for menstrual disorder due to hormonal issue is under or over production of progestrone or estrogen. These two hormones are responsible for the regular menstrual cycles. Sometimes there are unwanted growth in uterus or ovaries that may lead to irregular, heavy and painful periods. Treatment for menstrual disorder depends upon the underlying cause because which this is happening. If it is hormonal issue then the treatment is mostly medical management along with lifestyle modifcation. However, if the problem is with the mass in uterus called fibroid or cyst in ovary then a surgery would be required.


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