Uterine prolapse is a condition where in uterus drops out into the vaginal cavity. This happens due to weakening of the muscles and ligaments that hold the uterus in its position. There are many conditions that can lead to uterine prolapse that include:

- Pregnancy

- Difficult and long labor

- Delivery of large baby

- Obesity

- Low levels of estrogen hormones in post menopausal period

- Chronic Constipation

- Heavy Weight Lifting without proper care

Life can become really tough with this condition as it keeps putting pressure on the bladder. There are certain reasons that can be controlled by leading a healthy and active lifestyle.


In early stages of uterine prolapse females may not experience any symptoms but they may increase with passing time. Some of the common symptoms of uterine prolapse include:

- A lump the vaginal opening

- Pressure in vagina or pelvis

- Lower back pain

- Frequent urgency for urination

- Difficulty in emptying bladder or bowel

- Constipation

At Matritva Clinic, Greater Noida, Dr Radha combines the treatment with active physiotherapy which is focussed on pelvic floor exercises. The other treatment options include defect repair and hysterectomy. In the past hysterectomy was the only option available for uterine prolapse but now a repair surgery using a mesh is also done which is called uterus preserving surgery for uterine prolapse.